Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here is a quick background of myself & my how I started my business: I am a Mother of 2 little boys from Springville Utah. I was due with my 2nd child when my husband and I decided we needed to make a life change to have our children brought up by one of us rather than a daycare provider. Having a one income family wasn't an option so I picked up a night job doing graphic design where I am still currently working a full time job from 4:00pm-12:30am. In between work & being a mother I began creating artwork & cute ways to display them. I began selling them to friends, family & the local craft shops. I soon got the attention of a Local Frame shop that started buying my artwork to sell in there store & to there clients.
January 2009 I contacted an Art Publishing company that was interested in pick up my art to sell in stores & to license into products. Since then my Art has been sold in Stores all over the Country like Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Kirklands Home Decor, Walmart, Target, Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, Bedbath & Beyond & Kohl. You can also find my pieces on sale on multiple Art websites like &
I had no idea my little hobby would turn into such a great business for me.
I have over 1,000 designs and am always designing new artwork. My Artwork ranges in Genres from; Inspirational, Religious, Love, Family, Kids, Kitchen, Bath, Fruits, Floral & more.

My dreams are to one day quit my night job and be a stay home with my family full time. My family & my Art are my passions in life.
You can check out what's new & on sale on my website
Up next my very first blog giveaway :)

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